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Cleaning Inside Your Windows

Cleaning your windows inside, as you know is not easy,
mainly because it is difficult to get rid of the smears.
So how can you get smearless windows and Mirrors?

With build up of grease internally you need really hot water
Requirements: 3 really clean cloths and a bowl of hot water & Rubber Gloves

  • 1st cloth:Dip in hot water.
    Wring out the cloth & rub your window clean of grease.
  • With your 2nd cloth dry off the window
  • With the 3rd cloth polish the glass
The 3rd cloth should be kept dry and you will leave very few smears. You can replace the first cloth with a window cleaners applicator. No need for chemicals, the hot water breaks down the grease. The final polish rub should be done very lightly to remove any moisture left.

Simple but very affective.

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