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Fungus Mould

This builds up over a period of time in and
around the home and can be very unsightly.

Not only this but it can be harmful to health as it releases
spores which cam float in the air and be breathed in.
These spores can affect those with an allergy problem.

Fungus can be removed from plastic and painted services with
 warm soapy water and a capful of bleach as long as the surface
you are treating will not be damaged by bleach.

Fungus, if left, can leave a deep stain which is almost impossible to
remove, therefore its removal should not be delayed.
Plastic is porous and the mould over a period of time soaks in.
Inside the home, fungus will grow in damp areas. To eliminate
in the long term, you should ensure you eradicate whatever
is causing the damp, ensuring a good air flow. 

Bright Clean Windows removes fungus from windows and
doors as part of their standard cleaning of windows.
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This unique window cleaning service
is only available in the

Kent area.

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